Month: June 2017

June 21, 2017

Synthetic paper is a hot topic, and in the June issue of In-Plant Graphics magazine, Jack Smith of Hop Industries answers pressing questions about the durable substrate. For example, Smith addresses the myriad uses of synthetic paper, the growing market, and the price comparison to pulp-based paper.


How does synthetic paper compare to alternative plastic substrates? Readers want to know, and Smith answers these questions and more as the use of synthetic paper proliferates at in-plant printers. Read the article to find out what type of work that the substrate is best suited, and the work that isn’t.


To learn more about Hop-Syn synthetic paper visit or call 800.524.0757 to speak with Jack Smith or one of the other synthetic paper experts.


June 16, 2017

Choosing the right substrate can either make or break an advertising campaign, and the experts at Hop Industries can help you get it right. Want to know where and when synthetic paper should and shouldn’t be used? Team members Jack Smith, William Latham and John Callandrillo each have their areas of expertise when it comes to synthetic paper. Here’s a breakdown:


Printing and Fabricating
Jack Smith, Hop Industries’ Senior Vice President is an expert in all aspects of synthetic paper, especially relating to printing and fabricating. For example, Smith advises that a variety of processes can be used to print on Hop-Syn, including offset, UV inkjet, flexo, thermal transfer, laser, latex inkjet. However, only a limited number of laser and latex inkjet digital printing models work well with synthetic paper. Consult with Smith and his team for expert advice about printing processes for synthetic paper. In addition, ask Smith about die cutting, folding, drilling, and gluing Hop-Syn synthetic paper for a wide variety of applications.


Applications and Specific Grades
John Callandrillo, an account representative at Hop Industries, gives expert advice about the various uses of Hop-Syn synthetic paper. There are six grades, and each have their specific purposes. For example:

  • Hop-Syn G1 is popular for folding maps and expanded content labels on packaging.
  • Hop-Syn G2 is the most popular heavy-gauge synthetic paper for printing menus, book covers, point of purchase signs and displays, and anti-theft packaging.
  • Hop-Syn XT is the most tear resistant synthetic paper that is popular for printing durable tag and labels, in-store posters and banners, waterproof charts and manuals.
  • Hop-Syn TO is the most popular grade for window posters based on its 98% opacity and bright white finish.
  • Hop-Syn BL is a 64% translucent white synthetic paper — the most popular grade for printing backlit for printing posters and transit displays.
  • Hop-Syn DL is clay coated smooth-matte BOPP film that offers a 95% bright white finish with high opacity. This grade is suitable for two-sided printing applications such as maps, manuals, posters, tags and labels.

Stock Inventory and In-House Converting for Diverse Needs
William Latham is a senior account executive at Hop Industries, and customers turn to him for many aspects about Hop-Syn synthetic paper, including stock inventory and in-house converting services. Hop boasts the largest inventory of stock paper in the North American market. More than 1.5 million lbs of Hop-Syn synthetic paper is ready for delivery to anywhere in the U.S. William also regularly helps customers with sheets and rolls that need to be made into specific size and quantity. The converting facility is also ISO9001-certified to meet all customers’ requirements for traceability.


For more information about Hop-Syn synthetic paper, contact Jack, William or John at 800.524.0757 or fill out the online form.


June 9, 2017

The uses of the Hop-Syn XT synthetic paper are seemingly endless when it comes to print promotions by big brands. From P-O-P displays and banners to hang tags and manuals, the Hop-Syn XT synthetic paper grade is the market’s most versatile substrate for durable, tear-resistant print promotions.


Environmentally friendly, Hop-Syn synthetic paper is constructed from polypropylene (PP) resins and calcium carbonate (CaCo3), which provides extra durability and weather resistance over traditional pulp-based papers. Across the U.S., printers are stocking the synthetic paper substrate in quantity because of its flexibility to be used for a variety of clients’ projects.


“Printers stock up on the Hop-Syn XT grade because it’s a multi-purpose, durable substrate.” – Jack Smith, Senior VP

“Printers stock up on the Hop-Syn XT grade because it’s a multi-purpose, durable substrate. It offers extreme durability for printing diverse applications,” comments Jack Smith, senior vice-president, Hop Industries.

Why Hop-Syn XT is so Versatile
There are several factors that contribute to the tremendous versatility of the Hop-Syn XT synthetic paper grade. It’s manufactured to give maximum sheet brightness and opacity up to 94% for two-sided printing. Its high dyne level, which is necessary for adhesion, and smooth matte finish also gives the XT grade the excelled printing performance.


Another contributing factor to Hop-Syn XT versatility is its manufacturing process. It’s produced using a calendering process that delivers the tightest tolerance for gauge control and uniformity, resulting in a higher quality results.


Because of these factors, Hop-Syn XT is used by national restaurant chains for menus and big-box retailers for shelf talkers, among others. The XT grade withstands tears and scuffs, and is UV resistant outdoor for up to one year. This is ideal for banners, which is significantly more environmentally friendly than PVC-based vinyl and is comparable in cost. The XT grade is durable, and can withstand tear resistance in both directions.


Hop-Syn XT Availability
Because of the popularity of Hop-Syn XT, the grade is always stocked in the Hop Industries warehouse. The master rolls come in 55” and 61” width, and stock sheet sizes come in 25 x 38” and 26 x 40”. Custom sheet sizes are available up to 60 x 83”. Hop Industries’ in-house convertering services also makes it possible to provide customers with custom finish rolls, with a minimum width of 7/8”.


Print partners are invited to try free samples of the XT grade. For more information contact Hop-Syn technical sales at 800.524.0757 or fill out the online form.