Hop-Syn’s Consistency Draws Praise

Imagine the possibilities of using a reliably consistent synthetic paper to print 580 square feet an hour. At SGIA Expo, attendees saw it in action with Hop-Syn synthetic paper and the swissQprint Nyala LED printer. Consistency is one of its hallmarks of Hop-Syn synthetic paper, and it’s one of the top attributes that Rick Mitchell of swissQprint values in the substrate.
At SGIA Expo, Mitchell praises the consistency of Hop-Syn synthetic paper during a live demonstration using the Nyala LED wide format printer. Mitchell printed on Hop-Syn XT .010 gauge for attendees at the event.
In this video, John Risdon of Hop Industries, manufacturer of Hop-Syn synthetic paper, and Mitchell discuss the speed and high quality of the Nyala LED printer. Mitchell explains how Hop-Syn’s consistency enables them to print with very high accuracy and specific droplet placement. Consistency also makes it possible for print service providers to repeatedly produce high quality output at the fastest speeds possible.

Perfect High-Res Every Time
With a consistent substrate like Hop-Syn, Mitchell notes that his team can produce perfect, high resolution images, every time. Mitchell comments, “We get really high saturation of color.”
As Mitchell points out in the video, the swissQprint Nyala LED printer is very diverse, with a wide range of applications. swissQprint demonstrated Hop-Syn XT in tandem mode. “The beam never stops running, which maximizes productivity,” notes Mitchell.
In the demonstration, the Nyala LED printer is operating at mid-range speed, 580 square feet per hour. This setting, Mitchell notes, showcases the best quality and saturation of color, mixed with exceptional production speed. The Nyala is capable of running up to 2200 square feet per hour.
If you were unable to attend Expo but would like free samples of the Hop-Syn and swissQprint output or more information, call 800-524-0757 or visit www.hopsyn.com.


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