An Environmental Commitment

Hop-Syn’s respect for the environment is reflected in the synthetic recyvle-no-5-greenpaper products that it manufactures and sells. The company is committed to developing products that will benefit our customers and show a continuing concern for the environment.

All of the Hop-Syn synthetic papers are environmentally friendly substrates. All grades of Hop-Syn are made from a combination of polypropylene (PP) and/or mixture of polyethylene (PE). These PP and PE resins are recognized by CONEG/Model Toxics in Packaging Legislation, as environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

hop-syn-inventorySome specifics about the Hop-Syn product line:

  • Hop-Syn is a 100% tree- and pulp-free synthetic paper, resulting in a conservation of forests and water, and the protection of wildlife that depend on our natural resources.
  • Manufactured from 100% polypropylene resin and calcium carbonate, Hop-Syn is 100% recyclable under code #5. Therefore, no ozone-threatening emissions are produced in Hop-Syn’s manufacturing or recycling process.
  • When incinerated, Hop-Syn generates no sulfur, nitrogen or dioxin gases.
  • Hop-Syn is chlorine free and contains no stearates that would be detrimental to the environment. In addition, it uses very little water, which results in the preservation of Earth’s water resources.
  • Hop-Syn is free of toxins and heavy metals. Hop-Syn does not contain any plasticizer or phthalates.
  • Due to Hop-Syn’s durability and material composition, its applications exhibit extremely long wear – allowing them to remain out of the waste stream for a longer period of time versus other substrates.
  • When Hop-Syn is manufactured through the calendering process, it able to recycle its trim so that it can produce 100% of its product without waste.

Explore all of the Hop-Syn grades in-depth at or request a product guide to learn more about each grade’s capabilities. Contact Hop-Syn for free test samples by calling 1-800-524-0757.

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