Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Hop-Syn Synthetic Paper

Sun and water are two elements that drive many people outdoors. They also happen to be the same elements that drive brands to use the durable Hop-Syn synthetic paper for UV-resistant and waterproof menus, maps, signs, and more. Environmentally-friendly, Hop-Syn makes the outdoor experience enjoyable.

Let those maps get rained on. Say goodbye to menus with frayed corners at that al fresco cafe. See outdoor signs in spite of the sun’s direct rays. When it’s printed on Hop-Syn, it will stand the test of time.

The versatile substrate has wide range of physical and printing properties to fit a variety of applications. Its high-quality results and economical price also score points for print service providers (PSPs).

That was then. This is now.
Before, most outdoor printed materials were produced on 100% extruded plastic or on laminated pulp-paper. However, these traditional substrates do not hold up well over time. They breakdown, discolor, turn brittle, shrink, or delaminate when exposed to water, rain, snow, extreme temperature change or direct sunlight.

Instead, PSPs opt for Hop-Syn synthetic paper for a range of applications, such as signs and banners, maps, charts, instruction manuals, guidebooks, license plates, horticultural plant tags, warrantee tags, lumber tags, wristbands, identification cards and tickets for outdoor theme parks and concerts.

Synthetic paper versus pulp-paper
Hop-Syn synthetic paper is one of the leading alternatives to extruded plastic or laminated pulp-paper. The durable substrate is made from a unique blend of polypropylene resin and calcium carbonate. Unlike conventional paper or laminated paper, Hop-Syn is a single layered substrate that does not absorb moisture or delaminate. Even under extreme outdoor weather conditions, Hop-Syn will retain its strength, form and structural integrity.

The advantages of using Hop-Syn for outdoor applications
Hop-Syn combines the versatility of traditional paper with the durability of plastic.

Waterproof – Unlike conventional paper, Hop-Syn does not absorb moisture. Even when completely submerged in water, Hop-Syn will not shrink, fade or distort.

Tear Resistant – Hop-Syn’s polypropylene construction offers better dimensionally stability, UV- and tear-resistant properties over conventional paper and most plastics.

Long Lasting – Hop-Syn’s single layered construction offers extreme durability and scuff-resistance. Its ultra-smooth finish does not absorb moisture, oil, or stains and can be easily wiped clean.

Temperature Resistant Hop-Syn’s dimensional stability will not distort under extreme temperature conditions (-50F up to 220F) whether outdoors or when exposed to curing lamps.

Flexible and Foldable – Hop-Syn resists wrinkles from frequent handling. The synthetic paper can be easily folded into multiple panels, similar to a paper map.

Razor Sharp Detail – Hop-Syn holds ink colors extremely well. Since there is no ink spread or absorption, Hop-Syn can be easily printed with precise details by conventional offset, flexo and digital printing processes.

Environmentally Friendly – Made from polypropylene resin and calcium carbonate, Hop-Syn is totally “tree-free” and 100% recyclable.

Range of Outdoor Applications
Hop-Syn synthetic paper is ideal for printing indoor and outdoor signs, posters, block-out window displays, backlit transit displays, P-O-P hang signs, banners, menus, durable tags, labels and much more. Its waterproof, tear resistant and UV-resistant properties protect it against sunlight, moisture and extreme temperature changes. Hop-Syn can be used in the following applications:

  • Recreational maps (hiking, fishing, cycling, snowmobiling)
  • Training manuals, instruction manuals, parts manuals and schematics
  • Outdoor guidebooks, cookbooks, boating charts for ocean and inland waterways
  • Tags for horticultural plants, lumber, license plates, hunting, outdoor concerts, amusement parks, skiing and warrantee tags for a variety of outdoor equipment
  • Indoor or outdoor retail signs, posters and banners that need to protect the printed image from tearing, distorting, change in color or from becoming brittle when exposed to harsh conditions
  • Backlit transit display for outdoor bus shelters and train stations
  • Identification cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, gift cards
  • Annual academic school planners and journals
  • Menus for indoor and outdoor restaurants

In addition to these applications, customers are creating new ways of using Hop-Syn synthetic paper. Contact the Hop-Syn synthetic paper experts to receive free test samples, technical information or a price quote. For more information, call 201.438.6200.


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