Fulfilling the Industry’s Wish List

For retailers and the printing community, the holiday season starts early. When most people are celebrating Independence Day, big brands and their print buyers are putting together their holiday POP displays and signage. Printer partners start scheduling the jobs, and the Hop-Syn synthetic paper gets prepped for printing. It’s within this realm that the industry’s wish lists are met: quality, low-cost, turnaround, and sustainability. The Hop-Syn synthetic papers fulfills these wishes, and then some.


Hop-Syn Satisfies The Industry’s Universal Wish List, And Then Some

      • High quality
      • Cost effective
      • 100% recyclable
      • Custom-sizing
      • In-house converting services
      • Quick service
      • Diversified product grades
      • Print partner facilitation
      • Knowledgeable team

“We have seen tremendous growth in the usage of Hop-Syn synthetic papers in the last few years,” comments Ted Lin, Vice President, Hop Industries. “The substrate is like no other, from how it’s manufactured to the service our customers receive from our top-notch sales team. We’ve become established as the go-to substrate for big brands, and it’s a recognition that we uphold each day, and with each customer we serve.”


Standards of Excellence

Hop-Syn satisfies the industry’s wish list for a number of reasons. Its synthetic papers are 100% recyclable and produced under ISO 9000 standards. Hop is the only synthetic paper company in the market to use a calendering process in its manufacturing. This process delivers higher quality materials with the tightest tolerance for gauge control and uniformity.

The Hop-Syn substrate also comes in largest variety of grades, including BL for backlighting, TO for high opacity, and XT for durability. Hop-Syn is also available in the G1, G2, and DL grades for easy folding, massive thickness, the brightest white surface, respectively. The Hop-Syn papers can be printed on multiple printing processes including offset litho, UV offset, flexo, screen, UV inkjet or thermal transfer.


One of the top reasons that the Hop-Syn synthetic papers fulfill the industry’s wish lists, however, are its people. Knowledgeable, helpful, and readily available, the Hop-Syn team is a stand out amongst the rest. The staff welcomes calls from anyone with questions about their next printing project.


For more information, visit www.hopsyn.com or call 800-524-0757.


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