Hop-Syn Synthetic Paper is the Attractive Substrate

The ‘Attractive Substrate’ featuring Hop-Syn Synthetic Papers, among others, gains recognition from the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Label & Narrow Web. Read Steve Katz’s article.


The following is an excerpt from the article:

According to Jack Smith, his company’s Hop-Syn synthetic paper has advantages relating to improvements in printing process efficiencies. He explains: “Hop-Syn is manufactured by the calendering process, which can produce a more uniform gauge control of +/- 5%. This allows flexographic and offset printers to print Hop-Syn synthetic paper at faster speeds for higher production and a more consistent print image. “The calendaring process also allows Hop-Syn to be made in a wide range of thicknesses from .003 up to .035 gauge, and maximum roll widths of up to 72″.”


Hop-Syn synthetic papers are offered in a wide variety of paper grades, which are formulated from polypropylene (PP) resin with CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) and Tio2 (titanium dioxide) added to enhance its dyne level, brightness and opacity. “Although each grade of Hop-Syn may look similar in matte finish, the properties of each Hop-Syn grade are custom made to meet the opacity, brightness, tensile strength and elongation properties that the application requires,” Smith says. “This makes Hop-Syn more adaptable to different applications, which is why it is referred to as ‘The Application Synthetic Paper.’ Also, Hop-Syn is produced under ISO 9000 standards, and meet the environmental standards of CONEG and ROHS for North America.”


All Hop-Syn synthetic paper grades are 100% recyclable, waterproof, tear resistant, and temperature resistant from -60°F to 220°F.  Hop-Syn papers are ideal for multiple printing processes, including offset, lithography, UV offset, flexo, screen, UV inkjet and thermal transfer printing. “With in-house slitting and sheeting capabilities, combined with over 1,600,000 pounds of inventory, we have the ability to ship custom sheets and master roll inventory within 24 hours from the date of order,” Smith says. “For testing purposes, we offer free samples to evaluate the print quality and durability of any specific Hop-Syn grade for comparison to any other substrate.”


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