Hop-Syn Synthetic Paper Makes Waves


Yes, Hop-Syn is making waves! The synthetic paper leader is featured in another top industry trade magazine, PrintingNews, “Synthetic Papers make Waves in Wide Format, Packaging, and Elsewhere.” Industry veteran and author Richard Romano addresses how the Hop-Syn synthetic paper is fast becoming a mainstream substrate for wide format printing and packaging applications.


In the article, Romano writes, “The Hop-Syn synthetic papers are also popular for waterproof maps and menus, horticultural tags and plant stakes, and warranty tags for outdoor products, as well as POP displays, and are also turning up in more and more packaging applications.”


The Durable Substrate
Addressing the durability of synthetic paper, Romano writes, “The apt term “durables” is also used to describe these materials, since they’re hard to rip or tear. They are also waterproof and greaseproof, which is not only useful for outdoor applications, but also indoor ones such as restaurant menus, which are often subject to being spilled on and otherwise besmeared.”


Commenting in the article is Jack Smith, senior vice president for Hop Industries, manufacturer of Hop-Syn synthetic papers. Here, he explains the chemical makeup of the synthetic paper. “Synthetic paper is a white opaque plastic that is made from either polypropylene and polyethylene plastic that has been modified with a calcium carbonate coating or clay filler to enhance its dyne level for better ink adhesion and brightness for printing durable signs and posters by flexo, offset, inkjet, and laser printing.”


Is Synthetic Paper Environmentally Friendly?
Romano writes, “Being plastic, synthetic papers often get a bad rap for being environmentally unfriendly, but that isn’t necessarily the case.” Smith comments, “Most synthetic papers are made from polypropylene and/or polyethylene resin, which are environmentally friendly and contain no heavy metals, chlorine, phthalates, or other carcinogens that are damaging to the environment.” Click here to read the full article. For more information about Hop-Syn synthetic paper or for free samples, visit www.hopsyn.com or call 800.524.0757.


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