Press Release: Hop Industries Launches Sustainable Print Campaign Featuring Hop-Syn and EFI Digital Printers

100% Recyclable Hop-Syn Synthetic Paper is Printed with EFI’s Environmentally-Friendly LED Inkjet Digital Printer


March 29, 2017 — Lyndhurst, NJ — Hop Industries, manufacturer of the Hop-Syn synthetic paper, is pleased to announce a print campaign featuring the environmentally-friendly duo, Hop-Syn synthetic paper and the EFI® Quantum digital printer. The print campaign features three of Hop-Syn’s synthetic paper grades (XT, BL, and TO), which are designed for durable print promotions such as P-O-P displays, banners, blockout and backlit signs. The 100% recyclable synthetic paper was printed on the EFI Quantum, the company’s environmentally-friendly LED inkjet printer. Sample prints are available for printers, print buyers, and brands to see the quality of the output first hand. Visit Hop-Syn online to request a free print sample.


“Our goal is to help customers produce quality output that will give them a stronger competitive edge, while helping to meet sustainability requirements,” comments Ken Hanulc, VP of marketing, EFI Inkjet. “Hop Industries’ campaign, which shows Hop-Syn synthetic papers printed with EFI Quantum digital printers, shows how print businesses and print buyers can take a high-quality approach to achieve their goals.”


“This print campaign demonstrates to customers that high-quality, durable retail signage can be produced with minimal impact to the environment,” comments Jack Smith, Senior Vice President, Hop Industries.


Hop-Syn Synthetic Paper Grades and the EFI Quantum
For the environmentally-friendly campaign, EFI printed on the Hop-Syn XT, TO and BL paper grades. Hop-Syn XT is the most tear-resistant synthetic paper, and is used for banners, hang signs, P-O-P displays, and more. Hop-Syn TO synthetic paper is used for large format banners and window posters, and stops direct light from shining through. Hop-Syn BL is a translucent synthetic paper designed for printing backlit signs and displays. The EFI Quantum is available in 3.5- and 5.2-meter models, features 7pL drops, LED UV-curing, and an impressive collection of optional accessories, for versatile, all-in-one, high-quality printing.


For more information or to receive print samples of the Hop Industries print campaign, visit or call Hop Industries at 800-524-0757.


About Hop-Syn
Hop-Syn® is a division of Hop Industries Corp. based in Lyndhurst, NJ. Hop-Syn is a synthetic paper constructed from polypropylene (PP) resins and calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which provide extra durability and weather resistance over traditional pulp-based papers. Customers use Hop-Syn to print high quality graphics via offset litho, uv offset, flexo, screen, uv ink jet or thermal transfer equipment. Each Hop-Syn grade has unique characteristics to match the application, hence the phrase, “The Application Specific Synthetic Papers.” If customers need foldability for a map, there’s a grade for that. If customers need thickness for a POP sign, there’s a grade for that. If customers need translucency for a light box, there’s a grade for that. If customers need extra opacity for a block out window sign, there’s a grade for that. For more information, visit or call 800-524-0757.

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