Retailers Meet Sustainability Requirements with Hop-Syn Synthetic Paper

For durable and sustainable in-store signage and displays, Hop-Syn’s 100% recyclable synthetic paper makes it easy for retailers and big brands to go green.

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Retail stores and big brands are always looking for ways to reinforce their commitment to sustainability, especially with their in-store promotions and product displays. Hop-Syn synthetic paper makes it easy. Brands choose Hop-Syn for two primary reasons: the popular substrate displays brilliant graphics for a range of applications such as backlit signage, banners, promotional cards, hang tags, packaging. Hop-Syn is also is 100% recyclable. This versatile substrate comes in a range of grades for multiple applications, and delivers high-quality results from commercial printing process including offset, UV inkjet, flexo, screen, and thermal transfer.

Durability of Hop-Syn synthetic paper
Hop-Syn is a synthetic paper constructed from polypropylene (PP) resins and calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which provide extra durability and weather resistance over traditional pulp-based papers. Its clay-filled, single layered construction is waterproof and UV-resistant from discoloring under direct sunlight — an important attribute for in-store signage. It also prevents text from warping, scuffing or fading during the packaging, shipping, and storage process.

Because of its unique construction, higher quality graphics can be printed without pretreatment or top coating, as compared to printing on corona-treated plastics. Hop-Syn is made with added UV inhibitors and a Tio2 whitening agent, which holds up outdoors up to one year without turning brittle or discoloring as compared to two to three months for polystyrene and un-plasticized PVC.

Based on these advantages more retail companies choose Hop-Syn as a sustainable solution that is also practical for multiple environmental conditions, such as rain, humidity, direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Hop-Syn is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable under code #5
Sustainably-minded brands are choosing Hop-Syn synthetic paper because it is made from a unique mixture of polypropylene (PP) resin and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) that contain no harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, phthalates, stearates or heavy metals that are damaging to the environment. Hop-Syn is a 100% tree-free synthetic paper that uses very little water in its manufacturing process, resulting in the conservation of forests, water, and clean air (by emitting no sulfur, nitrogen or dioxin gas when incinerated).

In addition to the environmental benefits, Hop-Syn synthetic paper is also more durable, tear resistant, waterproof, and weather resistant than PVC vinyl and polystyrene. Hop-Syn’s higher dyne enables faster drying and better ink adhesion. Plus, its bright white clay filled construction allows printers to produce sharper graphics with a higher color resolution over corona treated plastics.

How Hop-Syn is different than other synthetic papers
Hop-Syn synthetic paper is produced by high speed calendar into a single layered substrate made from a unique mixture of polypropylene (PP) resin, CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) and TiO2 (titanium dioxide). The calendaring process allows Hop-Syn to be formulated into different grades that offer a wide range of physical properties and thicknesses from .003 up to .035 gauge, up to a maximum roll width of 72-inches. This patented formulation contributes to a unique combination of features such its bright white finish, high opacity, high dyne level, tear resistance, UV resistance (up to one year outdoors), and a wide temperature resistance from -60F up to 220F. Hop-Syn’s white opaque, smooth matte finish and a +/- 5% gauge tolerance, offers the print performance of paper, with the weather resistance and durability of plastic.

Advantages of calendaring
Hop-Syn’s patented calendering process gives it its distinct characteristics. Unlike die extrusion or blown film extrusion used by other synthetic paper companies, the calendering process can produce a more uniform gauge control of +/- 5%. This allows flexo, offset and UV inkjet printers to print Hop-Syn synthetic paper at faster speeds for higher production and a more consistent print image. Choosing the right grade of Hop-Syn can unlock the unique physical properties that enable more complex applications to be easily manufactured.

Retail promotions using Hop-Syn
Based on its diverse printing properties and wide range of gauge thickness, Hop Syn is suitable for printing high quality retail signs, block-out window posters, ID Cards, back-lit displays, promotional tags and outdoor signs where the application requires durability and a lasting image that will hold up in harsh environments.

Hop-Syn is available in a variety of grades and thicknesses (from .003 up to .032 gauge). Its durable, tear resistant properties can easily be die-cut, sewn and grommeted for both outdoor and indoor banners, point of purchase signs and displays.

Making the Switch to Hop-Syn is the cost effective, higher quality alternative to printing on plastic.
In addition to its environmental benefit, Hop-Syn offers higher production speed and produces less waste when printing and fabricating as compared to plastics such as; PVC, polystyrene, banner vinyl, and back-lit polyester. As a result, more print partners are stocking Hop-Syn synthetic papers to ensure the quick turnaround of their clients’ print projects.

Made to order with in-house converting
Hop’s in-house converting services, gives retailers the opportunity to choose from large format sheets up to 60 x 83 inches, rewound rolls from 38-inches up to 62-inches in width, and narrow-width rolls as narrow as 3-inches in width. Hop-Syn’s custom converted paper is available within 3-days from the order date. In addition, Hop-Syn is available in stock sheets in 25” x 38”, 26” x 40”, 28” x 40” and 38” x 50” for immediate shipment from date of order.

Reinforcing retailers’ commitment to the environment
With each in-store promotion that gets printed on Hop-Syn synthetic paper, retailers reinforce their environmental commitment, and Hop-Syn is making it easy for them to accomplish this. Going green is just not a slogan, but a commitment to saving the environment and choosing a more sustainable alternative.

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