Sell More with Hop-Syn Synthetic Paper


Big brands turn to their print partners for more than just a printed piece. They seek solutions to help grow their business and increase revenue, while satisfying sustainability mandates. That’s why recommending the right substrate is so important. For projects that require durability, such as banners, in-store signage, anti-theft packaging, blockout and backlit signs, Hop-Syn synthetic paper is the way to go. Here are some ways to let your customers know more about the attributes of this 100% recyclable synthetic paper.


Talk with Customers

Printers should talk with their consumer-brand customers about durable substrate options like synthetic paper that are environmentally friendly for retail store advertising, comments Jack Smith, Senior Vice President, Hop Industries. Using synthetic paper for P-O-P displays, banners, tag and labels, the life of the printed piece is extended over a longer period of time compared to pulp-based paper, and is less damaging to the environment than PVC-based vinyl.


With a wide range of thickness and diverse grades of synthetic paper, the applications of Hop-Syn synthetic paper are just a varied. Brand owners and their print partners use the synthetic paper for book covers, folded maps, large format banners, and much more.


Discuss the Environmental Advantages

When given the option, customers choose environmentally-friendly durable substrates like synthetic paper, especially when the price point is comparable to other plastics. Hop-Syn synthetic paper is polypropylene-based and code 5 recyclable, unlike alternatives such as laminated paper, banner vinyl, rigid PVC products that are not 100% recyclable.


Add it to Your Website

Let customers know that your print facility offers Hop-Syn synthetic paper for their durable print projects. In addition to meeting their high standards for durable substrates, Hop-Syn also satisfies their sustainability requirements. Hop-Syn can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain and extreme temperatures ranging from -60 to 220F. It also doesn’t discolor from direct sunlight.


The Printer-Friendly Substrate

Printers like using Hop-Syn because it’s easily printable by offset, screen, flexo, and UV inkjet processes due to its smooth white matte finish. The substrate prints like fine offset paper but has the durability of plastic. Made in a wide variety of thickness, from .0025 up to .035 gauge, Hop-Syn synthetic paper comes in six grades, including XT, BL, TO, G1, G2, and DL.


Printers also like the easily availability of Hop-Syn, and the custom sizes made possible by the Hop Industries in-house converting services. Hop’s Lyndhurst, NJ warehouse stocks more than 1 million pounds of inventory, in both sheets and rolls, which can be shipped within 24 hours. Its in-house converting services produces custom sizes from 1″X1″ up to 60″X80″ of any grade of Hop-Syn.


Free samples of Hop-Syn are available upon request. To learn more ways to promote and sell Hop-Syn, visit or call 800-524-0757.


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