Why Hop-Syn Synthetic Papers?

It’s a fair question: Why should you turn to Hop-Syn synthetic media for your next print project?


Of course, every project – and every client – is different, but here are just a few of the critical advantages in utilizing Hop-Syn synthetic media:

Durability: Because Hop-Syn is a synthetic paper constructed from polypropylene resin and UV inhibitors, it gives our products extra durability and weather resistance versus traditional pulp-based papers.

Environmentally friendliness and recyclability: A tree- and pulp-free synthetic paper, Hop-Syn is 100% recyclable; it is free of toxins, heavy metals and chlorine.

Waterproof: Every grade of Hop-Syn is waterproof, allowing for worry-free exterior and interior applications.Backlit

Compatibility with multiple print technologies: Hop-Syn is compatible with a broad array of printing technologies -- from UV and UV LED inkjet to screen, thermal transfer, flexo, offset litho and UV offset.

Size range: All grades of Hop-Syn synthetic media are available in a variety of roll widths, sheet sizes and gauges.

Application-specific characteristics in each grade: Hop-Syn is available in 6 individual grades, each featuring unique characteristics designed to match up nicely to specific print applications:

  • G1 – A white, opaque tear-resistant synthetic paper that folds without scoring and is resistant to scuffs, tears and weather. Ideal for maps, charts, retail packaging and manual text pages.
  • G2 – This heavy-gauge synthetic, with added whitening agents, features the weather-resistant properties of plastic; now available in rolls as well as sheets. Uses include POP displays, retail packaging, menus, hang tags, book covers, ID cards, shelf talkers, and outdoor signage.
  • XT – Designed with extra tear-strength and waterproof properties to allow print promotions to meet the most demanding environmental conditions. UV resistant for up to 1 year, this grade is perfect for POP displays, signs, banners and shelf talkers.Sale Banners
  • TO – Features an extra opacity to stop light, extreme tear-resistance in both directions, and high resistance to scuffing and weather. Ideal for 2-sided printing for window signs, well-lit retail applications, POP displays, signage and more.
  • DL – With its bright-white surface, low-density and tri-laminated construction, this synthetic paper is strong enough to be utilized for the most tear-resistant in-store poster applications where sharp graphics are required.
  • BL – This high-impact, white translucent synthetic is designed for backlit P-O-P signage and displays. Weather-resistant, tear-resistant and UV-durable, it can be used for POP display applications ranging from bus shelters and airport displays to retail stores and fine-art posters.

Explore all our grades

Explore all our grades in-depth on our website at www.hopsyn.com, or request a product guide to learn more about each grade’s capabilities by calling 1-800-524-0757.

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