Winterize Your Retail Promotions with Hop-Syn

Retailers are always looking for ways to make their stores more attractive and to make their brand image stand out. The right in-store P-O-P displays can do just that. This is why more retailers are choosing Hop-Syn synthetic paper for their durable displays — indoor and outdoor.

What is Hop-Syn?
Hop-Syn synthetic paper is produced by high speed calendar into a single layered substrate made from a unique mixture of polypropylene (PP) resin, CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) and TiO2 (titanium dioxide). The calendaring process allows Hop-Syn to be formulated into different grades that offer a wide range of physical properties and thicknesses from .003 up to .035 gauge, up to a maximum roll width of 72-inches. This patented formulation contributes to a unique combination of features such its bright white finish, high opacity, high dyne level, tear resistance, UV resistance (up to one year outdoors), and a wide temperature resistance from -60F up to 220F.

Is Hop-Syn tear resistant and weatherproof for outdoor applications in winter?
Yes. Hop-Syn is temperature resistant from -60F up to 220F. Made with UV inhibitors and a Tio2 whitening agent, Hop-Syn’s durable high impact construction will allow printed images to hold up outdoors up to one year without turning brittle or discoloring.

What popular applications can Hop-Syn be used for?
Based on its diverse printing properties and wide range of gauge thickness Hop-Syn synthetic paper is suitable for printing high quality retail signs, block-out window posters, ID Cards, back-lit displays, promotional tags and outdoor signs where the application requires durability and a lasting image that will hold up in harsh environments. With a white opaque, smooth matte finish and a +/- 5% gauge tolerance, Hop-Syn synthetic papers offer the print performance of paper, with the weather resistance and durability of plastic.

Does Hop-Syn come in multiple grades and thicknesses?
Yes, Hop-Syn comes in a variety of grades and thicknesses that are designed for offset, flexo, UV inkjet, and latex inkjet on a wide variety of equipment standard to the industry. Hop-Syn synthetic paper comes in 6 product grades that range from blockout opaque to translucent backlit, from thin gauge for easy folding to heavy gauge thickness grades where rigidity and stiffness are required.
Ranging in thickness from .003 up to .032 gauge Hop-Syn’s durable, tear resistant properties can easily be die-cut, sewn and grommeted for both outdoor and indoor banners, point of purchase signs, menus and displays. Hop sales representative are available to discuss which grade is best suited for specific applications.

Is Hop-Syn printable by both conventional and UV offset printing?
Yes. For conventional offset, we recommend using oxidizing inks designed for non-porous substrates. For UV offset, we recommend UV inks designed for printing on plastics such as Tyvek, polypropylene and PVC. Please see our technical information sheet for more detailed information or contact our sales department for further assistance.

Is Hop-Syn recommended for die-cutting, perfing, scoring and folding?
Hop-Syn has excellent physical properties to die-cut, score and fold without any issues. Please refer to our fabrication and finishing brochure for more detailed information on each process or contact our sales department for further assistance.

Does Hop-Syn come in standard sheet sizes and roll widths?
Hop-Syn is available in stock sheets, and available for immediate shipping. The sizes include 25” x 38”, 26” x 40”, 28” x40” and 38” x 50.” Hop-Syn is also available in standard roll widths 38-, 55- and 61-inches for immediate shipment.

Can Hop-Syn be converted into custom sheets and rolls?
Hop has in-house slitting and sheeting capabilities, giving retailers the opportunity to choose from large format sheets up to 60” x 83”, rewound rolls from 38-inches up to 62-inches in width, and narrow-width rolls as narrow as 3-inches in width, in a wide range of roll put-up, to service a wide variety of printers and applications.

Is Hop-Syn environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable?
Yes. Hop-Syn is made from a mixture of polypropylene (PP) resin and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) that contain no harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, phthalates, stearates or heavy metals that are damaging to the environment. Based on being made from polypropylene and calcium carbonate, Hop-Syn is 100% recyclable under the recycling code #5.

Where can I find more product information or get free test samples of Hop-Syn for evaluation purposes?
For more information about Hop-Syn call 800.524.0757 or visit


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