Hop-Syn is a Dream for Digital Printing

With the right substrate, print service providers (PSPs) can produce some of the most vibrant and eye-catching signage and point of purchase displays, consistently. In order to achieve this, PSPs require consistent media, and Hop-Syn delivers.

Numerous factors contribute to Hop-Syn synthetic paper’s consistency, starting with the manufacturing process. Hop-Syn is a single layered substrate manufactured by calender. Its unique mixture of calcium carbonate and polypropylene resin provides extra durability and weather resistance over traditional pulp-based papers.

Hop-Syn eliminates any challenges of running thin, roll-to-roll substrates with consistency on hybrid printers. Watch this video to see Hop-Syn 10ml  backlit synthetic paper printed by the EFI VUTEk digital printer. Consistency and high-quality results are some of the notable attributes with Hop-Syn, as pointed out by digital printing expert Tiffany Bisson of EFI. She notes the evenness of Hop-Syn coming off the roll and the dimensional stability of the substrate, with minimal variance in the gauge over the course of a long roll. Bisson also points out the smooth feed and consistent tension across the roll. She comments, “The stability of the [Hop-Syn] product line has been a dream to run on this [EFI VUTEk] printer.”

Hop-Syn BL for Consistently High Quality Backlit Displays
Hop-Syn BL is a white, translucent polypropylene sheet designed for printing backlit point of purchase signs and displays. In daylight, it shows a high quality image, but when back-lit, it allows the light to shine through for a brilliant display. This rigid, weather resistant, UV-durable substrate is suitable for use in outdoor applications for up to one year under direct sunlight. Hop-Syn’s uniform gauge tolerance, heat resistance and a micro-porous print surface contributes to its consistent, high-quality results.

An environmentally-friendly substrate, Hop-Syn boasts a high dyne level and smooth matte finish that allows PSPs to produce higher quality graphics, at a much faster production rate than conventional plastic. Consistently, Hop-Syn synthetic paper delivers high-quality output for digital printing, as well as flexo, offset and screen processes.

To request free samples, contact Hop at 1-800-524-0757 or visit www.hopsyn.com.


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