Hop-Syn Menus are an Appetizing Alternative to Lamination

Few things do more to communicate a restaurant’s quality and personality than its menu. This is why more restaurant chains and their design agencies choose Hop-Syn synthetic paper for their menus. Food and drinks just look more appetizing when printed on Hop-Syn synthetic paper.

In addition to its visual impact, Hop-Syn paper menus hold up under harsh conditions, outlasting laminated menus, at a fraction of the cost and without the environmental implications.

Whether it’s dinner, dessert, bar and pool menus that need to be durable, waterproof and UV resistant, restaurant chains are rest assured that when their menus are printed on Hop-Syn, they’re protected. Hop-Syn printed menus are resistant from scratching, scuffing, and damage from water, grease, oil, and rough handling. Print service providers (PSPs) also like environmentally-friendly substrate because it produces a more vibrant color and natural, pulp-paper look than lamination.

Hop-Syn Can Take the Heat
Hop-Syn paper menus are ideal for indoor or outdoor use, and can even be exposed to the heat of a dishwasher.

“Menus printed on Hop-Syn synthetic paper look better and last longer than those printed on plastic or laminated paper,” comments Jack Smith, Senior Vice President, Hop Industries Corporation.

Several factors contribute to Hop-Syn’s exceptional print quality. These include its uniform gauge thickness (+/-5%), high temperature resistance, UV inhibitors, and the ability to allow ink to anchor onto its smooth matte surface. Hop-Syn printed menus are protected when exposed to spills, stains and frequent cleaning, especially in a restaurant environment.

Recommended Product Grades and Attributes

  • HEAVY GAUGE HOP-SYN G2 is ideal for single sheet or multi-panel menus with a scuff free surface resistance to water, alcohol, grease, oil and hot coffee. Hop-Syn G2 comes in a variety of gauge thickness (.012, .015 and .020) that offers a rigid, durable construction that is easily printable via offset, screen, UV inkjet and latex inkjet processes.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT HOP-SYN XT is ideal for insert pages that can be used as a text page. It can be wire bound or hot melt glued inside a book cover. Hop-Syn XT comes in a variety of gauge thickness (.004, .006, .008 and .010). It can also easily be scored, folded, stitched to produce a durable menu that is resistant to water, alcohol, grease, oil and hot coffee.
  • GREAT COLOR AND PRINT QUALITY will not fade or discolor under direct sunlight.
  • SINGLE LAYER CONSTRUCTION allows menus to fold over 30,000 times without cracking.
  • 100% RECYCLABLE and more environmentally friendly than laminated paper.

With a variety of grades that are dimensionally stable, durable, printable and economically priced, Hop-Syn offers a grade that can custom fit print projects better than laminated paper.

Contact Hop to request samples and learn more about how Hop-Syn synthetic paper can be used for menus and other durable print applications at 800-524-0757.

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