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Got questions about which paper grade to use for your next print project? Want to know which printing process will save more money? Get answers to these questions and more by speaking directly with the Hop-Syn team. They are available to you for all your print projects.


Designers, print buyers and print partners can be rest assured that when they choose Hop-Syn synthetic paper for their print projects, they are getting more than just the most advanced,100% recyclable synthetic paper available. They are also getting the expertise related to printing promotions.


“We do more than just sell a substrate, we help to find solutions.” – William Latham

“We do more than just sell a substrate, we help to find solutions,” comments William Latham, Senior Account Representative for Hop Industries. At the recent Pack Expo, Latham helped to connect an attendee with a printer for their blister packaging needs. “It’s rewarding when we are able to help new customers find a printer that meets their specific print needs.”


Solutions based on Applications

Because there are several options for printing on Hop-Syn synthetic papers, the Hop team is readily available for advice and recommendations. For example, for packaging and anti-theft and applications, the Hop team recommends the G2 and XT synthetic paper grades. The team can help customers select the ideal thickness and facilitate in-house customized converting to ensure the papers meet the project’s specific requirements.


For rugged applications, the XT grade is the banner vinyl alternative. But not in all cases, such as extreme weather conditions. And this is when a quick call to the Hop-Syn representative is invaluable to determine when and where the XT grade should be used. Rule of thumb is that unless hurricane-weather resistance is required, Hop-Syn XT is a more sound alternative to banner vinyl because it’s free of plasticizers and phthalates, and can be printed with a sharper dot gain and with higher color resolution than the heavily embossed vinyl.


The Hop-Syn team can provide expert advice for a range of print projects, from point of purchase displays, signs and banners, to backlit promotions, fine art, transit displays, and more. Whether using flexography, litho, screen, UV inkjet or thermal transfer printing processes, contact a Hop-Syn associate for advice on any print project. The team is based out of Lyndhurst, NJ office. For more information, call 1-800-524-0757 or visit


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