Hit a Grand Slam with Hop-Syn G2 Synthetic Paper


Easy to fold, diecut, score, and recycle, Hop-Syn G2 is a heavy hitting substrate for P-O-P signage, menus and packaging. Used everywhere by creative print and packaging firms, this heavy gauge synthetic paper knocks it out of the park. Here’s why.


Diverse Printing Properties and Applications
Few substrates have the diverse physical and printing properties of Hop-Syn G2, and customers are always finding news ways of using it. From book covers to retail packaging, Hop-Syn G2 is easier to recycle than paper and contains no cancer-causing chemicals or stearates found in other commodity plastics. Its unique calender manufacturing process uses a mixture of calcium carbonate and polypropylene resin, resulting in a single layered substrate. This process produces a bright white, high opaque, smooth matte finish that is easily printable by offset, flexo, screen, and UV inkjet printing, without requiring any pre-treatment.


Because of its wide range of gauge thickness, Hop-Syn G2 is ideal for finishing and fabricating processes such as folding, diecutting, and scoring, especially if printing quality and durability are considerations. With a high dyne level (44 dyne), anti-static finish, and a +/- 5% gauge tolerance, Hop-Syn G2 delivers the print performance of paper combined with the weather resistance and durability of plastic.


Hop-Syn G2 for Quality Print Jobs
Hop-Syn G2 offers better durability and UV resistance in comparison to conventional plastics, and prints more like fine offset paper than plastic. G2 has an ultra smooth matte finish, excellent dimensional stability and superior ink receptivity for producing higher quality graphics. With 93% opacity for two-sided printing, G2 is temperature resistant from – 60 F up to 220 F, without distortion. This environmentally friendly alternative substrate to PVC is recycled under code # 5. Hop-Syn G2 comes in a variety of roll widths up to 63-inches, and sheet sizes up to 26×40-inches. Its thickness gauge ranges from 12 to 35 mil.


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