Hop-Syn Signage Inspires Vacations

bus-shelter-carnivalSometimes great vacations get their start from just an idea, and in most major cities, the seeds are planted in the least obvious places: transit stops and bus shelters. Ad agencies know that it’s here that the hints of sunny destinations can capture the attention of future tourists as they start and end their workdays. Agencies also know that the eye-catching ads have to work double duty. Day and night — illuminated or not — under all weather conditions, they must appeal to the masses. For demanding applications like this, designers turn to Hop-Syn synthetic paper BL grade for their backlit signage.


Hop-Syn BL is #1 Choice for Backlit Displays

Ad agencies, print buyers and printers all agree that Hop-Syn BL is the choice for backlit point of purchase signs and displays. In comparison to the alternate options, which are detrimental to the environment, the 100% recyclable Hop-Syn BL grade is a must for brands with sustainability mandates.


More than an eco-friendly alternative, Hop-Syn BL synthetic paper grade meets the highest standards in the backlit sign industry. The white, translucent polypropylene sheet is weather resistant and UV-durable. In comparison to alternate backlit substrate options, the Hop-Syn BL grade boasts a higher dyne level, heat resistance, and both uniform pigment dispersion and gauge tolerance. It’s micro-porous surface allows the printed image to be more scuff resistant.


When to use Hop-Syn BL

bus-shelter-sunglassesAdvertising or promotions that are illuminated should be printed on the Hop-Syn BL substrate. In the daylight, the Hop-Syn BL grade displays high quality images, and when backlit, it illuminates a brilliant color display. Other uses for Hop-Syn BL include menu boards, retail store or fine art displays,


Commercial printers appreciate the easy printability of the synthetic paper substrate, and its flexibility for all printing process including offset, flexo, screen, thermal transfer, UV or LED inkjet. It’s anti-static surface facilitates material handling and processing.


Free samples of the Hop-Syn BL synthetic paper are available upon request. For more information, call 1-800-524-0757 or visit www.hopsyn.com.


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