Hop-Syn, The Banner Vinyl Alternative

Retailers have a choice when it comes to their in-store signage, flower-signbut some habits are hard to break. For decades, banner vinyl reigned as the go-to substrate for durable displays, but as each sign goes up, so does the cost to the environment. To solve this dilemma, retailers and their print partners are making the calculated decision to use Hop-Syn synthetic paper, which boasts a similar look and feel to vinyl, without the environmental damage, and is 100% recyclable.


What’s So Bad About Banner Vinyl?

Vinyl, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is a very common plastic material. The versatile plastic is used in countless formulations and configurations -- vinyl banners and labels are just two of the thousands. The most notable problems with banner vinyl are attributed to the production and disposal of it. Vinyl requires the input of toxic, raw chemicals including chlorine and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), ethylene dichloride (EDC), and mercury. These are highly-polluting and cancer-causing, releasing carcinogenic chlorinated dioxines, which bio-accumulate throughout the food chain and pollute groundwater. Other by-products, including phthalates, lead, cadmium, tin and other chemicals, are released during the lifecycle of vinyl.


The Hop-Syn Alternative to Banner Vinyl Signage

Corporate sustainability requirements are mandating that retailers grocery-storeimplement environmentally-friendly solutions, and retailers are choosing Hop-Syn synthetic paper as their vinyl alternative. Based on its polypropylene composition, Hop-Syn is 100% recyclable under recycling code #5. The synthetic papers come in a variety of options, from backlit or block-out window posters to weather-resistant displays and banners. The papers are temperature and extra-tear resistant, and available for two-sided printing of point of purchase signs and displays.


Retailers use Hop-Syn TO paper grade based on its high opacity for two-sided printing. The grade can be sewn or grommeted and is extremely tear resistant, with excellent UV resistance properties -- up to 1-year outdoors, without yellowing.


Hop-Syn XT is an extra tear-resistant synthetic paper, with bright opacity up to 94%. Due to its high dyne level, it offers excellent printability and is ideal for print promotions that will used in the most demanding environmental conditions.


Making the Switch to the Hop-Syn Vinyl Alternative

Competitively priced to vinyl, Hop-Syn synthetic papers meet the growing requirement for sustainability that corporations are rightfully imposing on their brick-and-mortars. As a result, more print partners are stocking Hop-Syn synthetic papers to ensure the quick turnaround of their clients’ print projects.

Hop Industries, the makers of Hop-Snn synthetic papers, stocks over one million pounds of inventory in its NJ warehouse, and can guarantee to ship from a large inventory of stock sheets, within 24-hours.

To ensure that print partners use the Hop-Syn synthetic papers, retailers are also specifying it. This added step is necessary to confirm that with each project, they are meeting their corporate requirements for sustainability.


In-House Converting Serves a Variety of Applicationsbanner-in-window-display

Hop offers in-house converting capabilities, giving retailers the opportunity to choose from large format sheets up to 60 x 83 inches, rewound rolls from 38-inches up to 62-inches in width, and narrow-width rolls as small as 3-inches in width, to service a wide variety of printers and applications. Hop-Syn’s custom converted paper is available within 3-days from the order date.


Reinforcing Retailers’ Commitment to the Environment

With each sign that gets printed on Hop-Syn synthetic paper, retailers reinforce their environmental commitment, and Hop-Syn is making it easy for them to accomplish this with its 100% recyclable synthetic paper. For more information about Hop-Syn call 800.524.0757 or visit www.hopsyn.com.

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