We Ship in 24 Hours!

We Ship in 24 Hours!

Clients and projects often demand a quick turnaround -- and missing a deadline can cause costly repercussions for print partners. That’s why Hop-Syn stocks more than one million pounds of its synthetic paper inventory in its 100,000 square foot warehouse facilities in Lyndhurst, NJ -- ready for shipping within 24 hours. This advantage helps print partners get their print projects completed on time.

Stocked and Ready to Go

roll-inventoryAll six grades of Hop-Syn synthetic media – G1, G2, XT, TO, DL and BL – are available in a variety of roll widths, sheet sizes and gauges. Master rolls are available in 52.5”, 55”, and 61” widths, and size sheets like 25” X 38” and 26” X 40” are also stocked.

In-House Converting

rolls-behind-slitterIn addition, Hop-Syn’s in-house custom slitting and sheeting capabilities makes it possible to produce specialty slit rolls and/or custom sheets to meet printers’ and their clients’ exact requirements in just 3 to 5 days.

Call the Hop-Syn sales department at 1-800-524-0757 or visit www.hopsyn.com to find out more about how Hop-Syn synthetic paper are used for projects of all types.

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