Retailers Attract Consumers with Environmentally-Friendly Displays and Packaging

One way to attract customers is with eye-catching, environmentally-friendly display materials. Thanks to Hop-Syn synthetic paper, retailers’ point-of-purchase signage stands out. The 100% recyclable substrate displays vibrant images, while meeting their strict sustainability requirements. Hop-Syn is so versatile that it can also be used for anti-theft packaging.

Hop-Syn synthetic paper is a popular durable substrate, made from a unique mixture of PP resin and calcium carbonate. The earth-friendly material contains no harsh chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine or stearates that are damaging to the environment. In addition to its environmental benefit, print service providers (PSPs) value its excellent printing properties, sharp graphics and durability over common plastics such as PVC, polystyrene, banner vinyl, and polyester.

While helping the environment is one benefit of eco-friendly Hop-Syn, another advantage is its diversified grades, which can accommodate multiple applications.


Unique Properties for a Wide Range of Applications
Hop-Syn synthetic paper is manufactured by high speed calendar into a single layered substrate. Because of this unique process, Hop-Syn can be produced in a variety of grades (G1, G2, XT, TO and BL) and thicknesses (from .003 up to .032 gauge), with a wide range of properties that allow it be used for a variety of applications. These include high opacity for block-out window signs, low opacity for back-lit transit signs, high propagated tear and UV resistance that allow it to be used outdoors up to one year under direct sunlight without turning brittle or changing color. High temperature resistance from -50F° up to 220F° allow it to withstand extreme temperature changes without cracking or distorting. A bright white, smooth matte finish and high dyne level that allows it to easily print via offset, flexo, screen, as well as by UV and latex inkjet without needing any pre-treatment.


Environmentally-Friendly Packaging
Consumer brand manufacturers choose Hop-Syn synthetic paper as an alternative to PVC blister and clamshell packaging for both its environmental and anti-theft properties. Hop-Syn’s durability and tamper resistance prevents theft, while streamlining the cost and size of the package. Higher quality graphics also attract consumers to choose a more attractive brand image over other packaging.

Hop-Syn is 100% recyclable under the polypropylene recycling code #5. Unlike flexible vinyl and rigid PVC plastic, Hop-Syn is free of toxins, heavy metals and stearates that are detrimental to the environment. It uses very little water in the manufacturing process, which preserves earth’s natural resources. When incinerated, it also generates no sulfur, nitrogen or dioxin gases.


Hop-Syn versus Common Plastics
Big brands and their PSPs choose Hop-Syn synthetic paper because it’s more durable, tear resistant, waterproof, and weather resistant as compared to common plastics such as PVC, polystyrene, banner vinyl, and polyester. Hop-Syn’s high dyne level offers better ink adhesion and faster drying, and produces sharper graphics with a higher color resolution, enhancing their brand image.

Hop-Syn’s micro-porous print surface is made with a +/- 5% gauge tolerance that allows PSPs to easily print using a wide range of processes. The synthetic paper can also print at faster production speeds, with quicker drying times and with minimal waste as compared to printing on non-porous, corona treated plastics such as PVC, polyester, polyethylene and polystyrene plastics.


Reinforcing a Commitment to the Environment
Simply by choosing Hop-Syn synthetic paper, retailers and their PSPs reinforce their environmental commitment. Hop Industries makes it easy for them to accomplish this.

Hop’s NJ warehouse is stocked with more than 1 million pounds of Hop-Syn inventory, and in-house converting services can customize the substrate to the exact requirements of any project.

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